About your first appointment

What to expect at your first appointment

I will need to ask detailed questions about your previous and current health to help with formulating a diagnosis. It is also important to rule out any more serious health issues which I may need to refer you for.

You will need to remove some of your clothing so that I can examine you. Please ware underwear that is appropriate or loose fitting shorts and a vest top.

Please note you may be accompanied by a chaperone if you wish or you may request a gown for assessment and treatment.

For the examination I will ask you to stand while I sketch a few features and then perform simple movements so that I can see how your body performs, this is standard for all osteopathic appointments even if you have neck pain or knee pain, to us its all anatomically related. I will also examine the necessary joints while you lie on the plinth (treatment couch). And special tests may be needed for example blood pressure or reflexes. I will also examine the area of pain or dysfunction in detail looking at the specific tissues causing the problem.

I will then explain what I think has happened and discuss treatment options with you. With your consent, treatment can begin.

The information you provide will be treated confidentially but there may be circumstances in which, with consent, I will need to share information about your care with your GP. I am registered with the information commissioner office (ICO) and I am bound by the rules of patient confidentiality.