Price list 2019

Preferred payment method is online transfer

My Bank Details: 40-26-12  /  91782886
I will ask you to transfer payment after your appointment. Once I am set up as a payee in your bank account. It’s really very easy to forward payments

Cash or cheques made to Anna Shawcross

Clinic at Empire Hall in Graffham (Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays)

Adults (16 years and over)

New Patient                                     £50  45 minutes
Returning Patient                           £40 30 minutes

Children and Teenagers under 16 years (must be accompanied by an adult)

New Patient                                     £45
Returning Patient                           £35

Home Visits
Available in some circumstances – please ask. A slightly higher charge may be applied to reflect the extra time needed.

Oving Clinic (Wednesdays and Fridays)

New Patient                                     £45 (45 minutes)
Returning Patient                           £40 (30 minutes)

Riverside Clinic (Tuesdays, Thursday evening, Fridays)

New Patient                                £48
Returning Patient                      £45