Personalised Osteopathy treatment in West Sussex

Treatment for sports injuries, pain alleviation, arthritic pain and muscular strains.

Anna Shawcross founder of Anna Shawcross Osteopathy

Meet Anna

Anna is an experienced osteopath who graduated from the distinguished, British School of Osteopathy (now UCO) at London Bridge, in 2011. Anna uses a range of osteopathic techniques often including massage, stretch and manipulation, kinesiology taping and acupuncture needles to directly treat painful areas. Anna is compassionate about your wellbeing and will give you advice about how to keep your body healthy while navigating the trials that life brings.

Anna Shawcross treating patient for neck pain

About Osteopathy

Choose Osteopathy for Professional advice about your health. We are considered to be primary healthcare practitioners and treatment can help to relieve pain in joints and muscles, encourage blood supply to all areas of the body and improve mobility. Your appointment includes case history taking, biomechanical assessment, diagnosis, treatment and advice about lifestyle and exercise where needed.

Anna Shawcross Animal Osteopath in West Sussex

Animal Osteopath

Anna trained and then graduated as an osteopath back 2011. You have to complete a 4 year Masters degree before you can then do an additional 1 year post graduate certificate in animal osteopathy. Anna trained with the founder of the osteopathic method for treating horses, Stuart McGreggor in Wantage. Anna is very passionate about working with horses and dogs, she feels very strongly about caring for these incredible animals that do so much and give so much to us.

What people say?

I was in ankle/foot tendonitis pain since around October 2017 and after 4 sessions with you I have been able to return to running. Today I ran 3 miles without any pain whatsoever which is amazing. You also treated my shoulder which was damaged in January, and I am now pain-free in that area. So thank you very much!