covid 19 risk assessment for animals

Infection Prevention

Safe Animal Practice

  • A pre-visit assessment and telephone call will be carried out
  • If you have had close contact with anyone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days or if you yourself have symptoms of Covid-19 then you need to self isolate and we will be unable to attend to your animal
  • I will be wearing a surgical face mask for my own protection
  • Preferably please can you also wear a face mask or covering
  • I will get tested if I have any Covid-19 Symptoms and will isolate accordingly
  • If you are in the category of High Risk for the virus then unless in exceptional circumstances we should not meet at this time


Where possible for the treatment of dogs we should meet outside in a yard or garden


  • A risk assessment for each location will be carried out
  • The decision to attend will follow the risk assessment
  • Gates to be opened and closed for me to minimise touching surfaces
  • No loose animals around
  • The animal must be ready for me with head collar on. No handling of equipment unnecessarily
  • Access to onsite hand washing facilities might be needed
  • Bring own hand washing supplies and hand gel for frequent use

In the event of other equine or canine infectious disease outbreaks we will follow guidelines from veterinary practice accordingly.