November Lockdown in England

Following the announcement on 31st October by Boris Johnson that England will go into a 4 week lockdown from Thursday, we are pleased announce that osteopathy is fully supported in staying open to provide safe healthcare practice. During the first lockdown most osteopathic clinics closed due to lack of PPE and the knowledge of how to practice safely. Now those hurdles are overcome we feel it is safe to stay open during this period and provide the help and support to our patients that we always have. We stay open to help people stay healthy. 

We would like to reassure everyone that your health is in our best interests and all efforts to avoid spreading the virus are being taken by way of triaging, and health screening, temperature checks, cleaning all touch points between patients and refreshing the air as much as we can along with use of PPE. A few weeks back now our Osteopathic Institute updated their advice to us about the need to put 20 minutes of fallow time between each patient, saying this was no longer necessary. We agree with this but so far have not implemented the change back to shorter appointment times. We will monitor the situation and only implement it when the time is right.